Human Resource Software in PA

Human Resource Software is that software application which allows for easy management of employee data and other tasks that relates to Human Resource. Human Resource Software popularly known as HR software helps in the automatic operation of what would have been a manual task, helps with the management of the Human Resource of an enterprise, it also helps to keep information in an orderly manner.

Human Resource Software are of different types, though not exhaustive, they include:

• Payroll Software
• Human Capital Management
• Human Resource Information
• Applicant Tracking System
• Human Resource Management System

Why trust us to provide your Human Resource software

We understand that several kinds of human resource software are available, however, we have a commitment to bring you nothing but the best. This is because we understand how important the management of your business is, therefore, we offer you the most efficient human resource software.

The Human Resource Software We Provide is less complicated
It is very important to choose a human resource software, with a user-friendly interface. This will ensure that everybody using the software quickly understands the mode of operation. Quickly understanding how to use a certain kind of human resource software without intensive training is the ultimate value it brings. Our Human Resource Software was built with different kind of users in mind; therefore, anybody can easily operate without stress.

The Human resource software We Provide can easily be integrated
We have offered the best human resource software that can easily be integrated. We have developed the software with great consideration of the users. Therefore, we have made all the functions and features to be very easy and straight forward. With our software, you can easily activate certain modules, such as performance appraisal, management of training, etc.
We offer you support with software that complies with the prevailing laws

When choosing a human resource software, you have to ensure that you choose the one that complies with the prevailing regulations, that is what we offer here. Also, you will have full access to the support you need to do your job effectively. With our software, you will never experience any bugging problems that will delay your work. We are a reliable supplier, and we take the issue of support very seriously. You will feel good and confident when you know that there are some people out there who are ready to offer any assistance you may need and at any time you need it.

Improved Decision-Making Efficiency
We understand that having access to the right kind of data will facilitate a quick and most reliable decision that affect the business. For this reason, we have worked extra hard and have made the extra investment to ensure that we develop the most precise software you can ever get. Poor decisions will always occur when there is inadequate information.

Our Human Resource Software Helps to Enhance Growth and Productivity
Our aim is to design a system that will help you to save a useful time by automating the management of records. Managing the records of a company manually consumes time because every detail must be inputted and updated manually. Using our software, on the other hand, increases speed and efficiency. It can also help the enterprise to release more staff and employ them in other productive areas.

Reasons to Choose Our Human Resource Software

Reasons to Choose Our Human Resource Software

There are quite a number of human resource software on the market, but we have a brand promise for you, to meet your needs, be efficient and easy to use.

Our software is easy to use

When choosing a human resource software, it is important for the interface to be user-friendly, this will enable ease of use for all the users, and this is the core of our HR software. Our software is so easy to use, so much that everyone on the team can use it, from the director to the administrators, managers and even employees can access and use it.

Our software is easy for integration

With our human resource software, integrations are easy to do. Our software was written with the end users in mind, so all the functionalities are easy and straight to the point. You can easily select and activate individual and specific modules, like training management, performance appraisals, etc.

Support and compliance

It is important to know that the solution you are considering is compliant with the regulatory authorities and also provides all the necessary tools needed to get the job done. This is to avoid lots of complicated and bugging problems as you work. Having a reliable supplier like us to provide you with support is a very important factor, a brand that knows just what being compliant and delivering quality service means. We are also available to assist when need be. It’s good to know that someone is ready to help when there is a need for it and also that there is a shoulder to rest on when you feel overwhelmed.

Therefore, look no further if you are in the market for human resource software or a solution for talent management. We have the perfect help and resource to help you get started.

Our software helps in improving the efficiency of your decision-making.

We believe having the right data helps make your decision-making easier, so we have worked hard to make our software precise. You stand the risk of making a poor decision, which can result from inadequate information or when the information does not interrelate correctly, we have put in a lot into this, to make sure you’re being furnished with the right information. Our software has a high precision standard.

The top quality of our human resource software in Pennsylvania allows for the simultaneous update of several relevant areas which ensures you are inputting the most important and useful information for maximum productivity

Our HR software helps improve productivity.

We aim to build systems to help your transition from manually managing records to doing so electronically. Manually taking these records takes time because all the related records must be manually updated. The use of our software to record information can help your company free up staff, who may be deployed to other areas used to expand the business.

HR software can even act as a self-service option for your employees if they want to get relevant information, thereby saving time and allowing more to be done quickly.

Our software helps to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment and selection process, employee training and evaluation, etc. leading to high-level productivity.

The features of our software include but not limited to the following.

1. Our Accounting Software Integration allows the following:

  • Payroll data integration available for: QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online Edition, QuickBooks for Mac, Peachtree®, ATX Client Write-UpTM, TaxWise Client Write-UpTM, CCH ProSystem fx Write-Up, and Microsoft Money

2. Our software allows for Detailed and Insightful Reports:

  • Employer reports: Tax Liability, Tax and WageSummary, Total Pay, Tax Payments, Workers’Compensation, Vacation and Sick Leave, Billing Summary, Total Cost, Retirement Plans
  • Employee reports: Payroll Summary, Payroll Details, Deductions, Last Paycheck, Employee Details

3. Enjoy Accurate Paydays

  • Guaranteed accurate federal, state and local tax calculations
  • Direct deposit
  • Professional paychecks and pay stubs
  • Secure online employee access to pay stubs
  • Payments to independent contractors
  • Wage garnishments
  • Vacation and sick pay tracking
  • Pay types: salary, hourly wages, multiple pay rates, bonuses, cash tips, paycheck tips, expense reimbursements, allowances, holiday, and more
  • Voluntary deductions: taxable and pre-tax premiums for medical, dental, and vision; retirement plans; flexible spending accounts: dependent and medical care; cash advance and loan repayments; and others.

4. Federal Tax Deposits and Filings

  • Quarterly and year-end filings
  • W-2’s
  • W-4’s, I-9’s and employer registration forms

5. State Tax Deposits and Filings

  • Quarterly and year-end filings
  • Multi-state tax payments and filings
  • New hire reporting
  • Employer registration forms

If you need reliable human resource software in Pennsylvania, waste no time, contact us right away, allow us to show you what a good HR software should be.

How to choose a human resource software in Pennsylvania

How to Choose a Human Resource Software in Pennsylvania

For small or medium-sized business owners or managers, you may have ignored the idea of making use of a Human resources software to improve and manage the day to day administration of your business, some managers claim they ignore it because of the price and some say it’s not necessary. However, human resource management software can be a very useful tool to small businesses, especially if they are carefully chosen to meet the specific needs of the business.

A Human Resource Management software is a tool that helps revolutionize the working environment and how a modern-day business is administrated.

There is a need for automation of repetitive tasks that are time-consuming and have long been associated with human resource management, this allows some of the company’s’ staff the opportunity to focus on the culture of the business, and the other things that are more profitable to the company which allows the goals and objectives to be met.

The use of human resource software for the management of staff activities is a trademark of modern day society and workplace. There are currently only a few successful companies in the business world that do not have software for the automation of Human resource services in Pennsylvania. With the attention of the world shifting to mobile, human resources software has broken rigid business management systems and flattened many organizations.

Being the backbone of the modern-day business, everyone wants a Human resource software but do not know how to get the best software in the market, so this guide will help you in choosing a human resource software in Pennsylvania.

  1. Your selected HR software must be easy to use

When you’re choosing a human resource software, be sure it is a software with a user-friendly interface which allows all users ease of use. The entire group of people who would use it must be comfortable using it, so you don’t only have your HR team in mind, but everyone including the administrators, managers, directors and even employees. Everyone should feel comfortable with it. A software training program, class or course should also be offered so that everyone can use the system alone, thus avoiding user problems.

  1. Top level integration capability

The human resource software should be capable to allow or choose different individual or specific modules, like training management, performance appraisals, etc. this should be easily activated when needed for instance there should be modules for training management, recruitment, talent management, compensation and benefits, e-learning, succession and even career management, including the continuous feedback module, to mention but a few.

  1. Innovative and adaptable

The human resource software you want to invest in must be innovative and adaptive to the ever-changing needs of businesses. It should also be adaptive to the changing workforce. We all know that when employees are happy, they would be motivated and productive. So you must choose an HR software that can cater to the ever-changing needs of your staff or employees so you can get the most from them for a long time.

  1. Check the Return on Investment (ROI) and initial cost

Since each company has different needs, expectations, and requirements, choosing a human resource software may not be a one-size-fits-all thing. It is recommended that you find the one that best suits the specific needs of your business and compare similar solutions. In addition, remember to consider the total cost of the solution, not just the initial cost. What the maintenance and development of the solution will cost over time is a very important aspect of the return on investment.

  1. The implantation time should be fairly short

If you decide to implement a software solution, you must spend time and resources on the project implementation. For this reason, it is important to know exactly what is required for a successful implementation of the human resource solution. This includes the services provided by the software provider, as well as realistic deadlines and costs of implementation.

  1. Support and compliance

Make sure the solution you want to buy is compliant with the various regulations and includes all the tools you need to do your job. This will help you avoid a lot of complicated and boring problems along the way. You may need a supplier to provide these tools, it’s good to know that someone can help you when it’s needed and that you have someone to fall back on when there is the need for it.

So if you need a human resource software in Pennsylvania, do not hesitate to contact us. For your perfect resource, let’s help you get started.

Small Business HR Software For Your Company

We now live in a world where time equals money, and how hard you go will determine how much you get. A small business that is looking for ways to improve their efficiency can quickly achieve this with Small Business HR Software. Small business can benefit from Small Business HR Software that helps speed their processes up while simultaneously eliminating errors. Gone are the days where HR was solely a paper-based exercise, now the case is all different.

To help you decide whether HR software might be good for your small business, here are five of its significant benefits.

1. Efficient on-boarding

You don’t have to pass through the stress on training your new employee on how your business works and spending a huge amount doing so. With Small Business HR Software you can get them started immediately and become productive straight away. Small Business HR Software will ensure that the recruitment process is simple and effective while processing everything on your behalf.

2. Employee development

Small Business HR Software improves the process of developing your employees while streamlining the process for you, so instead of buying in top talent, you will only have to develop in-house and promote to managerial positions right inside. Small Business HR Software will also collate data regarding experience, regular appraisal feedback, productivity, training courses, and so on helping you to plot the career development of your staff members.

3. Document management

Small Business HR Software also provides document management solutions. Small Business HR Software increases productivity by improving communication, policies and training manuals, reducing paperwork and functions as an archive to store old documents and at the same time offer full accountability by denoting who reads it. Also, it also makes training manuals readily available to all staff and staff handbooks making sure pricing cost is reduced.

4. Annual leave management

When running a small business, it is essential that you keep track of yearly leave effectively. You can’t afford to have half of your specific department to be on vacation at the same time, and this is why small business requires careful holiday planning. Small Business HR Software can track all of this for you – it will calculate pro-rata entitlements, chart booked annual leave, and take care of all holiday requests for you.

5. Employee motivation

For your small business to be successful in this competitive world, it is essential to keep your employees motivated. One way to achieve this is to implement Small Business HR Software. Small Business HR Software ensures that your employees remained committed and dedicated to their work. When you also Small Business HR Software it will signal to your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing at work, and also let them know that you will ensure their working day runs smoothly. Doing all this will help you increased performance, keep happier staff and reduced absence rates.

Benefits of our Small Business Payroll Solutions

Benefits of Our Small Business Payroll Solutions

Starting a new business can be overwhelming (especially for the founder). It comes with many responsibilities like staying busy and tackling new challenges at the same time. This is why every business needs to make sure that they can strike a balance between discovering what tasks can be delegated, and one of the best way to save time and makes sure the business runs efficiently is to make use of Small Business Payroll Solutions. Some business that started using Small Business Payroll Solutions tends to find out how much they have lacked behind. Read on:

• Payroll Providers Help You Save on Headcount

The people you sell to or offer service to are no doubt the most important asset of your business. This is why hiring the right staff that can connect well with your customers is very important. However, when hiring new people business also need to stay in their budget, and this is where Small Business Payroll Solutions comes in to help automate some of your human resources tasks.

Payroll Providers Manage Recruiting and People

Think about how overboard just one employee can affect your budget. From applicant tracking, sourcing, job posting, and background checks – all of this do not come for free, and they are not cheap as well. In fact, research shows that the cost to hire an employee will cost around $4000 compared to what you will have to spend applying Small Business Payroll Solutions.

• Payroll Providers Help You Maintain Employer Compliance

Many benefits come with choosing Small Business Payroll Solutions for your small business, and one of them is that fact that you get to enjoy services and resources critical to your business — including what and what you might be thinking of.

• Payroll Providers Oversee Human Resources Rules and Regulations

Well, as a small business you might be lucky not to experience the cost, time or stress that comes with an HR blunder, but remember there every small business is not entirely immune. Having a clear and concise handbook, on-hand resources and performance tracking are the best way to prepare for a situation like this. However, you can quickly put yourself in a better position for the unexpected by partnering with a company that offers Small Business Payroll Solutions.

• Tax and Payroll Penalties

Small business owners often think of the potential risk of an audit and their annual Form 1120 when the IRS comes to mind for small business owners. Though taxes can’t be avoided, and research once shows that IRS assessed $2.1 million in penalties against various business in 2016 alone and the risk of audit is low (about 1.9 percent) — yet costly — especially for small businesses.

HR Payroll Software – How Companies Can Benefit

HR Payroll Software – How Companies Can Benefit

There are many benefits that come with using HR Payroll Software, like optimize hiring practices, improve talent management systems, and better manage employee records. For a company that is yet to adopt HR Payroll Software, we have listed below some ways that HR software may be beneficial for your business:

1. Efficiency
HR Payroll Software basically means integrating two functions. When this integration occurs a company can easily save time and company can further boost efficiency by incorporating payroll and human resource management together and at the same time maximize your staff’s productivity. Staffs productivity are efficiently maximized by giving them more time to focus on more important issues than spending most of their time trying to fix the administrative problems. The only requires of your staff when operating HR Payroll Software is to enter the data only once into a single interface instead of spending time on collecting and inputting employee data.

2. Easy accessibility
Information needed can be easily accessed at the right time when data about payroll and HR is available in the same place. With HR Payroll Software, your employees can easily access and update data like their payroll, tax, leaves, vacations, and many more other. This means your staff won’t have to wait for management and HR to resolve issues for them as they can quickly answer questions and address problems themselves. HR Payroll Software also boosts your employee satisfaction and makes it easier for HR managers to access employee information from anywhere at any time.

3. Improved accuracy
HR Payroll Software also allows you to increase the efficiency of payroll and HR information by inputting data on a single interface, as it can be entered at one place by only a limited number of people. HR Payroll Software helps save time that would have been used to solving errors.

4. Duration in the position
When an employee remains at a particular position for a longer time, their productivity tends to decrease. HR Payroll Software will help monitor how long a specific staff or employee as stayed in a particular position and also remind HR managers when they should promote.

5. Employee retention
It’s a stressful time for any company when a staff decides to resign, as the company needs to find a match for the position and at the same time train the new team to meet the position requirement. The retention rate measures employee retention at a company and indicates job stability within the company. But, with HR Payroll Software, companies are able to monitor the retention of talent and monitor formal retention strategies that increase overall productivity.

Why You Should Have an HR Software

Why You Should Have an HR Software

Your business is doing well because of your employees. Hence, Human Resource (HR) department is the most crucial part of your business and you can never risk underestimating it.

But, managing your employees is a time consuming and a stressful job irrespective of the size of your business. And if you are not able to do the job manually, you must think of an alternative option.
Technology has simplified the life of humans in every field. Why not HR! An HR software will be a precious inclusion in your business processes.
Why? Here are the following reasons,

1. An HR software will help you to manage the daily HR tasks, which are routine in nature, more efficiently. It streamlines them in a way to save time and give productive results with least efforts

2. An HR software operated on a smartphone will help you to control the activities and access the data, analytics even when you are away from your workplace. With this feature, your business can have a mobile workforce.
3. An HR software certainly helps you to save money. It increases productivity and also improves the HR to employee ratio of your organization.

4. An HR software helps you to maintain the employee details like their absence, pay gap between them, etc.

5. The software helps you to make decisions faster and with a lot of accuracy because your decisions will be based on the analytics of your employees.

So, in order to have a seamless flow of your HR operations, you must go for an HR software in your company. You will see that the results are far beyond your expectations.

USA Network Solution offers cost-effective HR software in Pennsylvania. The software is specially designed to ease out all your HR operations. So order it now and reap the benefits!

Human Resource Software

Human Resource Software – A Perfect Companion of Next-Gen HR

Being a business owner, for all your problems you may find Software as a solution to it. May it be accounting, marketing or management, software is highly used in these areas to get the perfection to work with ease and comfort.

Then why leave the HR department unattended? The Human Resource Software designed by the USA Payroll Network can help you take the working capability of your HR team to a different level.

Let’s begin with what exactly Human Resource Software is?

The simple explanation about HR software is that it is a platform designed by experts which enables the employees to get ready access to the data that they are looking for. Automation is done to generate data, reports, employee information and so on.

This is the best way to help your HR executives to get rid of the piles of files and access the information they are looking for with just a click of a finger.

Benefits of Human Resource Software:

High productivity: Automation enables easy and quick working procedures. Hence, this would ensure that the productivity level of your HR team takes an upward direction. Automation for payroll services and the benefits administration would save a lot of time which your HR executives can utilize in the other activities like new hiring’s, training and development strategies and so on.

Accuracy: Human errors are obvious; however, the consequences of these errors can sometimes be serious which may impact the business financially and legally. A small error like a misplaced decimal point can cause serious financial problems. Human Resource Software is designed such as to automate the most common processes, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Boosting morale: With updated HR software, the HR team can divert their attention from regular benefits administration to other major issues of the organization. This would directly change the working atmosphere of the business by generating a high level of morale among the HR team as well as the non-HR team.

Benefits are huge and the cost of implementation is less. Human Resource Software would definitely take your business to a different level. Order your software today!

HR Services Done and Dusted

HR Services Done and Dusted

Are you looking for an HR management service in Pennsylvania that can render you hassle less payroll solutions? In that case, USA Payroll Network has heard you right. It offers all-in-one payroll credentials for companies having a unit strength of 50 or low employees. We are here to allow you focus on your business operation and worry less about your backend platforms. Of all the service that we host to, a few of them is mentioned below:

  • Detailed and insightful report on Employer’s Tax Liability, Total Pay, Tax Payments, Billing Summary, Total Cost, Retirement Plans done weekly or monthly, according to your need.
  • Credible Accounting integration Software that allows Payroll data integration for QuickBooks of Mac, Peachtree, ATX CCH Pro System and Microsoft or any other accounting software that is you are adapting to.
  • Guaranteed and absolutely accurate federal, state and local tax calculations that you can use with professional paychecks and direct deposit.
  • Secured online employee access to independent contractors

Apart from the aforementioned, you can avail benefits of Paychecks, wherein it can be electronically deposited into employee bank accounts with our Direct Deposit service. You could also brood less about tax filing as we file your business taxes every year, error-free. You can trust us on that note. To this, we have a new tool of tracking all of the contractor hours in one place using the Payday software where all the payment details, vacation leave duration, and hourly employee tracking would be available.

You can also view your companies’ reports under one roof such as compensation reports, payroll reports etc. And if at all you are unsure about its procedure and the way it works, you are free to request a demo wherein you would be able to synthesize the entire process at no cost.This would also help you to understand us better.
So get started right away without much ado!